About Us

The firm of Poreh-Ya’acovi-Karni Architects is one of Israel’s most experienced and well established architectural firms. The firm was founded in 1978 by Eli Ya’acovi and Uri Poreh. Hadar Karni, who currently manages the office, joined in 1998.


Our office is multidisciplinary in nature. Over the years, having executed numerous and diverse projects, we have gained a reputation as a leader in our field. We ensure budgetary control and sensitivity while paying attention to the client’s needs.


Our office has designed hundreds of projects since its establishment. Among them are public buildings, complex campuses, office buildings, prisons, courthouses, police stations, logistics centers, residential buildings, and more.


The firm has participated in and won competitions and tenders, and has been awarded prizes in Israel and abroad.

As of 2013, the firm has also been serving as a planning coordinator, among the first offices to do so in Israel. For this purpose, it employs and leads an entire team of planners and consultants engaged in complex and large projects.

Our work encompasses various fields of knowledge, and we therefore place great importance on accompanying and supervising all stages of planning. We believe this enables us to ensure a meticulous, high-quality planning product, and to guarantee that delivery timetables are met.


The firm employs architects and practical engineers. Each team member has his or her own field of specialization and is constantly developing and refining it. We also endeavor to adopt the most suitable work process for each project.


In our opinion, each project presents a professional challenge regardless of its size and purpose. We are confident that this approach to all stages of planning, along with the personal involvement of each member of the firm’s team, leads to outstanding planning quality.


We work on a limited number of projects at the same time, enabling us to place optimal focus on each stage of the work, paying special attention to the requests of the client while cementing professional and friendly relations with all parties.


The Team